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I’m using a Raspberry Pi 1 with Librelec to listen to music in my living room. Works fine, but I’m concerned about boot time, the system takes 56s to boot and this is 56s I have to wait before I can start select an artist and play any music.

I’d like to have this be faster, let’s say that 10s would be acceptable.

  • Would upgrading to Raspberry Pi 3 significantly make boost time faster?
  • Would another player (OpenElec, XMBC…) boot faster?
  • Is there any config I can change to make Librelec boot faster (like disabling video support for instance, as I only use it to play music)?
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    Buy a Raspberry Pi4 – CoderMike 1 hour ago
  • Rpi4 guy here. I timed Rpi4B boot time. It takes 25 seconds. VLC Player takes 2 seconds. I remember some years ago when I upgraded from Rpi1 to Rpi2, boot seems faster, and I was happy. I was happier that Rpi3 boots even faster. Years passed by. I upgraded to Rpi4B, I was very happy that it boots noticeably faster, and I thought I should boot happily ever after. A couple of more months passed. Now I am unhappy again because I cannot bear Rpi4B’s 20+ long seconds boot time. I want to protest to Rpi Foundation because Rpi should boot “instantly”. PS – I live in “The City of Protest”. – tlfong01 16 mins ago   
  • “Is there any config I can change to make Librelec boot faster” YES don’t turn it off! – Milliways 15 mins ago

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