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I need to give RGB888 data coming from one of my hardware into a Raspberry Pi and should be able to see the video feed via a script just like raspivid. Methods to interface Pi to DPI is available. I need the exactly opposite solution.

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  • Hi @Suraj Raju, Welcome and nice to meet you. Now let me see what would you like to do with RGB888 and Rpi. (1) Originally you have some hardware generating video signal and input to RGB888. (2) Now you want the video signal to input to Rpi via DPI 40 pin connector. (3) You have driver for Rpi DPI video. What is not very clear is what do you mean by “exactly opposite solution”. – tlfong01 yesterday   
  • Now let me quickly read the GB888 and Rpi DVI spec and see if they are compatible. (1) RGB888 LG4573A IPS 3.2″ 480×800 16M 24 bit colour TFT LCD for capacitive touch screen – US$13: fr.aliexpress.com/item/… (2) Rpi DPI spec: raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/raspberrypi/dpi/… – tlfong01 yesterday    
  • One potential problem is that your DPI driver might not be compatible to your Rpi hardware and software. You might like to (1) give us the links of your RGB888, and (2) confirm your Rpi3B+/Rpi4B and stretch/buster version. – tlfong01 yesterday   
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    Exactly opposite solution in layman terms I said. Instead of configuring the Pi pins for DPI out, I would like to make it as an input taking in RGB888 and I need to show the stream in a UI, using some scripts similar to raspivid. – Suraj Raju 16 hours ago
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    RGB888 is the format I am getting from my another hardware which is in the following format; 24 bits of rgb data, Hsync, Vsync, DE and Clock and mine is Rpi3+ stretch version. Any alternate way to get the RGB data inside Pi is also appreciated. Thanks in advance. – Suraj Raju 16 hours ago
  • (1) Let us use the following RGB888 LCD, with 40 pin connector as an example. AliExpress RGB888 LG4573A IPS 3.2″ 480 x800 24Bit 16M TFT LCD (40 pin connector) – US$13 fr.aliexpress.com/item/… – tlfong01 6 mins ago   
  • (2) Now suppose we already have a Rpi software driver for this LCD to output, up to 40 logical level, RGB888 compatible signals, at the DVI 40 pin connector, to display jpg images, or mp4 video files on the LCD. No problem at all. So far so good. – tlfong01 6 mins ago   
  • (3) But then now instead of Rpi DPI connector OUTPUT RGB888 signals, you want the opposite thing – Let Rpi INPUT 40pin RGB888 signals at the DPI connector, and convert the streaming input data, in real time, into a mp4 video file. In other words, you want the 40 pin signals go in opposite direction, then originally designed and used. Please confirm if I understand you correctly. Comments welcome. – tlfong01 6 mins ago    
  • Please start your reply/comment with my user name, @tlfong01, if you wish the system to notify me (I don’t need to do the same, because (1) You, as the OP, will be automatically notified, (2) You are a new user and the system database has not yet put your username in their database). Thanks. – tlfong01 5 secs ago   Edit


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