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The OP’s question

I just installed the free and open source, realtime strategy video game 0 A.D in my Rpi4B buster.

(1) Is it okay to play this game?

(2) Can this game somehow damage / harm my RPi4B?

(3) What should I do before or after playing this game?

tlfong01’s Edit

(1) Graphics Card Requirement: OpenGL 1.3 with 3D hardware accelerated drivers

(2) Open source, using OpenGL, C++, JavaScript, JSON, XML (Good for Rpi newbies learning 2D/3D stuff)

(3) Multiplayer functionality using peer-to-peer networking without central server.


(1) 0 A.D. (Open Source, OpenGL Realtime Video Game Development Report – Nicolas Auvray 2019spe22

(2) OpenGL vs OpenCV for Beginners – SE StackExchange 2015

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