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Who uses Teams?

A better way to collaborate and share knowledge across your organization

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Free for first 25 users using new Basic accounts on Stack Overflow for Teams


Your team already knows and loves Stack Overflow

When developers run into problems they can’t solve on their own, they turn to Stack Overflow.

In fact,
more than 50 million developers visit our question-and-answer site each month.

Stack Overflow for Teams builds on our proven

Q&A approach by providing a private, secure home for your organization’s own questions and answers.

This gives your technical staff instant access to their peers’ expert knowledge of your own proprietary systems and processes—in the same format they already use to get general coding help.

Put a stop to these time stealers

When your technical team is inefficient, you lose time. Time you could use to get
products to market faster. Time you could use to tackle important priorities. Time you
can never get back.

Developers can’t find answers because they don’t know who to ask. Or worse,
the only person with the answer is on vacation. We remove these bottlenecks
by making answers always available.

Developers ask the same questions over and over again, the inevitable
outcome when your team uses email, messaging apps and face-to-face
communication to get answers.

Developers sift through wikis and pages upon pages of documentation. Stack
Overflow for Teams offers bite-sized answers and code snippets so they can
copy, paste and go back to work.

Developers struggle to get up to speed when they join your company. Stack
Overflow for Teams speeds onboarding, so new devs can become full-fledged
contributors sooner.

Developers with specialized knowledge get distracted by the daily barrage
of repetitive questions. Give them back their brain power by letting them create
one reusable, searchable artifact.

What you get with Stack Overflow for Teams
Integration with your favorite tools
Love Slack? So do we. Get notifications
straight to your Slack workspace or build
your own integration with our API.
Unlimited private questions
and answers in a searchable
Got lots of questions? We’ve got a place
to put ’em. Every Q&A post is indexed and
easy to search, and you can export your
data at any time.
Discover how Stack Overflow for Teams makes your engineers more efficient.
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Secure data
Rest easy knowing that your data is secured
in a dedicated network and logically
separated into its own SQL schema.
Way to identify your experts
Every time your engineers contribute a
great question or answer, they earn badges
and points. Use these to highlight top
contributors and to incentivize your team
to help others.
Bite-sized answers to your
team’s questions
Your technical team gets the quick answers
they need through our flagship Q&A engine,
built to mimic the way people naturally think
about, share, and find information.
I cannot overstate how
immediately and dramatically
it changed how knowledge
is shared and memorialized
among our engineering team.
This stays as up-to-date,
relevant, and useful as the
regular Stack Overflow,
without any extra effort.
Read more testimonials >>
Unlock siloed knowledge
with Stack Overflow for Teams
Teams start at $5 per user / month
Discover how Stack Overflow for Teams makes your engineers more efficient.
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A single team hosted on stackoverflow.com
Unlimited private questions and answers
Searchable archive
Free 14-day trial
Private Q&A for teams.
All the features of Basic
Single sign-on (SSO) with SAML
Reporting and analytics
Priority customer support
99.5% uptime
Private Q&A with secure single sign-on
and premium features for your
whole organization
All the features of Business and Basic
Host on your cloud, your own servers, or
our private cloud
Single sign-on: AD, SAML
Robust read and write API
Dedicated customer success
& community building
99.5% uptime
Customized themes and privileges
Your own standalone Q&A community,
with enhanced security and flexible
hosting options.

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