rpi camera road intersection video

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How can I map desire lines at an intersection using a RasPi and camera?

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  • you talking road traffic? – tlfong01 1 hour ago   
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    foot traffic most likely, though mabye road later – PotatoHeadz35 1 hour ago
  • What mean by “map”? Like this? (1) Rpi + camera on a drone, (2) Flying camera follows the foot steps of a “foot”, (3) Traces the path of the “foot” on a map, (4) Android app shows the map with my dog’s foot step sequence as a “path”? – tlfong01 54 mins ago    
  • Sorry, I forgot the “intersection” and “desire lines” parts of your question. Let me try again. (1) Your Rpi camera is glued to a lamp post at the intersection. (2) The fixed position camera traces the footsteps of all dogs and cats crossing the intersection, shows their footstep time sequences as “lines”. But now, what do you mean by “desire lines”? – tlfong01 45 mins ago   
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    @tlfong01 your last comment is exactly what I want to do. How would I do that? – PotatoHeadz35 35 mins ago
  • Still not clear what are “desired lines”. Let me imagine: A city not too far from mine is a “cat” city. Their annual cat festival is world famous. Eaters everywhere fly over to enjoy yummy cat food (not “for” cats, but “of” cats!). The smart city has fat cat detecting cameras hanging on the lamp posts of road intersections, streaming “cat walk” videos to the customers, who touch their “desired” cat on the xPad menu, and the hot pot will be ready in an hour. You can also order takeaways, or bring your own cat! … You cat eater? Me too. I enjoy sweet & sour chicken feet dim sum very much! – tlfong01 1 min ago   Edit   

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