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1:36 PM
@tlfong01 I am going to politely warn you again to stop posting this kind of thing: raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/a/104796/5538

When you have a coherent answer, post that answer. It does not have to be exhaustive, and if you want to develop it further through edits, feel free. But it must be A COHERENT ANSWER TO THE ACTUAL QUESTION. Not a blackboard. Not a scratchpad. Not a series of notes on the topic. Do that in private. If you want to back and forth with the OP, use chat.

2:24 PM

@goldilocks Thank you for your polite warning. Now I understand why you earlier you said I “hijacked” a question and said things irrelevant to the question. I was very surprised that you use the word “hijack” which I think is a strong accusation. I remember I complained twice that

milliways criticized me that “I did not know electronics, go home to study more”

and your made a remark that

my answer to operating systems is “incorrect and misleading”.

2:43 PM

My complaints to milliways was declined. I hope that it does not mean that stackexchange thinks that milliways did not do anything inappropriate. But I am not interested to follow up, because I found afterwards milliways stopped his criticism on my answers.

For your criticism on my “incorrect and misleading” answer on operating systems , I think I explained that it is a “out of context” prospective, and the “no common ground” problem in knowledge background.

We have no further discussion on my knowledge in operating systems. So I think both milliways and you think that we might have misunderstood each other, and so we should stop any argument.


Yes, Milliways is a curmudgeon and sometimes a bit too blunt.

It is, however objective to say a purportedly fact based statement is “incorrect” and/or “misleading”, and saying flat out someone doesn’t know what they are talking about is also reasonably objective depending on content.

I don’t handle all the flags, of course, but you and Milliways both get a lot, as in, more than anyone else. Not all of them are valid.

But these are more subtle issues than the Q&A format. Not everyone likes it, in which case no one forces them to use the site. There are lots of “discussion oriented” tech…
(see full text)

To elaborate a bit: I think what you are doing does indicate some weakness of the format, which is an advantages vs. disadvantages, trade-off thing.

But short story: That’s how it is. If you want to suggest changes, the place to start is meta.stackexchange.com


Now I think to prevent new misunderstanding, I better explain why I am surprised to hear your remark that I used the forum as “scratch pads”. I think perhaps my way of giving answer does not meet the requirements or policy, such as “keep a laser sharp focus” on a topic. I have actually changed my way of answering to avoid misunderstanding that I am using this forum as a scratch pad (More about this later).


I have to go momentarily but I will be back in a few minutes and reply.


Ah, I just suggested that I am too slow to write in English and cannot organize my thoughts well, so I suggested that me take a long break, and come back during or after the weekend. Of course you are welcome to reply to my comments before my coming back. Cheers.

3:33 PM

@tlfong01 I didn’t mean “scratch pads” prejoratively. You’re obviously a well organized thinker, and your notes generally look useful, but the point, again, is that if it isn’t a reasonably direct explicit answer to the question, then it shouldn’t be posted as such. And we don’t have a “Post your thoughts on the topic” option.

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