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So I am trying to do a project that requires a BeagleBone Black (a switch pro controller input viewer as mentioned here). The problem here is: a BBB costs a fair amount, plenty more than I am willing to spend. But I do have a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. If I swap out the USB Y cable mentioned in the link or just utilize the Pi’s multiple USB ports, could it work? It may be worth noting I have no experience with this sort of thing…

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  • Try it, see how if it works or how it fails. Then ask about whether the failure can be resolved on here. – Dougie 7 hours ago
  • Okay! Will do! Although the wiki says to boot up the board then remove the sd card, not sure how I’m gonna do that – Konstrictor 7 hours ago
  • You can’t remove the SDCard from a booted RPi2B. It will rapidly crash to OS. – Dougie 5 hours ago
  • 😦 nothing I tried worked… any suggestions? – Konstrictor 4 hours ago
  • Time to buy a Beaglebone – Dougie 3 hours ago
  • @Konstrictor, I always wanted to buy a BBB, because I heard that is better than rp. But in my place, it is not just expensive, but some US shops do not accept addresses in my continent, and I could only buy it from lbe from another continent down under. And some local shops need me to write them an official letter with company logo and company stamp, guaranteeing that I would not resell the bbb to a big or small countries up north. and my request must be checked and approved by a high tech city in my continent, 😦 – tlfong01 just now   Edit

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