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I have a blinkt pHat that covers the entire GPIO pin array and I’m trying to trigger changes to the LED array after an external prompt. I expected to use a momentary switch connected to the GPIO pins, but the blinkt covers all of the GPIO pins … is there another set of contacts I can solder some pins to and create an additional spot for a switch, or is there a way to stack headers in such a way that I can “tee” into two pins, or otherwise access two of the GPIO pins?

This is on a pi zero w if it matters.



How to access the GPIO pins blocked by a HAT?


Suggestion 1

40 pin header breakout

Suggestion 2

ribbon cable

Suggestion 3

header breakout

Suggestion 4

header breakout

Suggestion 5

forked pin

Suggestion 6

header 6

Suggestion 6

stackble header


long pin

Suggestion 8

header 8

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(1) AliExpress Rpi GPIO stackable extra long 20 pin x 2 header – US$2

(2) AliExpress Ugeek Rpi 20×2 GPIO Header, stackable, double male, right angle male, female header – US$3

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Appendix A – What is the difference between “HAT”, “pHAT”, and “bonnet” ?

pHAT usually referred to “partial” HAT, a small size HAT for RpiZero/W. Lady Ada calls it a “bonnet”.

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