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I have connected the new Raspberry Pi 4 model b with the waveshare SIM7600E-H 4G HAT. The os is Raspbian Buster Lite. The configuration I use is the following: enter image description here 1) The jumpers are placed in the middle position.
2) The shield connected onto the RPi gpio.
3) There is also a connection between the pi and the waveshare “USB” port (not “USB to UART”)
4) raspi-config > Interfacing Options > Serial = Login shell over serial = NO Serial port hardware enabled = YES
5) /boot/config.txt has enable_uart=1

So far I have managed to give AT commnads succesfully, and even have access on the internet via ppp0 as it shown in the waveshare wiki page: https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/SIM868_P%20…%20Networking

However I haven’t managed to find a way to access 4g network via wwan0.

I assume that this is related with the fact that in the /etc/dev/ folder there are no ttyUSB serial ports.

Following info I found here:

I gave the command:

sudo qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --dms-set-operating-mode='online' 

and got:

error: couldn't create QmiDevice: Couldn't query file info: Error when getting information for file “/dev/cdc-wdm0”: No such file or directory

since no /dev/cdc-wdm0 device exist.

I also tried to compile gobiserial from SIM7X00-Driver.7z. I updated the raspberrypi-kernel-headers but when I tried to compile the driver I got the following error:

GobiSerial.c:55:10: fatal error: linux/usb-wwan.h: No such file or directory

Has anyone any idea why no ttyUSB exist and how can wwan0 be configured

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  • Try $ ls /dev/ttyUSB*. For my two opened USB to serial ports on Rpi4B buster release 2019sep26, I got the following: /dev/ttyUSB0 /dev/ttyUSB1. Remember to always use terminal mode raspbi-config (or GUI Desktop equivalent) to (1) Enable serial port, (2) DISABLE serial console, whether you are using Rpi on board UART or not. – tlfong01 43 mins ago    
  • @tlfong01 The result of the command is cannot access ‘/dev/ttyUSB*.’: No such file or directory. And as I have mentioned above I have already done Login shell over serial = NO Serial port hardware enabled = YES via raspbi-config – dk13 16 mins ago
  • (1) I thought you wrongly searched /etc/dev/ttyUSB* instead of /dev/ttyUSB*, so I remind you that. (2) My answer is only limited to Rpi UART or USB/UART. Now a question: I usually python import serial to setup the USB serial ports. Do you use terminal commands or also python to setup USB serial ports? I am trying to point out that Rpi built in serial ports will setup “automatically”, but for USB/UART, some cables’s driver is not recognized, so you need to install drivers. I remember something like CH340, PL2xxx are OK. But I am not very sure. Perhaps I can check tomorrow. Bye. – tlfong01 55 secs ago   Edit   

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