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I am running a bitcoin rpc server on my raspi and I can connect to it using local bitcoin-cli, but not externally from a windows on the same LAN. I tried installing ufw and disabling firewall on my raspi, and allowed tcp and udp connection to remote port 8332 on my windows, but that didn´t work. I can ping my raspi´s api from windows, but I can only get response from pinging my windows from raspi if I disable windows´ firewall. I don´t know what else to do.

I just noticed that if I put -rpcconnect= on bitcoin-cli argument it doesn´t connect, but if I put it connects, and I am certain of the raspi´s ip is from ifconfig result and also from ssh connection ( which works )

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  • I know how to setup http/ftp/nas servers, but now I want to set up bitcoin servers for two reasons: (1) My bad friends will LOL at me if I don’t have a money making” server/machine. (2) Learn more block chain things (I know nothing about it) to survive, since IPlv6 and 5G are coming. Question: I have 4 Rpi4Bs in my home network. Do I need to TCP/UDP break the fire wall to meet other money making guys? en.bitcoin.it/wiki/API_reference_(JSON-RPC) – tlfong01 55 mins ago   
  • hey @tlfong01 I just found out the issue, check my answer! – Badjano 11 mins ago


I just found out that I need these to access rpc from outside localhost:



Apparently if you don´t bind your ip to your lan ip, it will only work with local connections, and rpcallowip= is not recommended because it opens up for anyone to connect, so I´ll probably change that but if you don´t, make sure your password is secure enough.

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  • Nice to know you solved your problem. I will remember your warnings by heart, even though I don’t understand, what do you mean by binding “global IP“ to “local ip”. You seem to have a way to get a static IP, which I have recently given up, because I found out static IP is expensive. I know very little about networking, bridge, access point, etc. So I am googling and wiking to read more. I am also studying python tcp and udp modules, so to dig a tunnel to jail break firewall outside, to meet other blocking chain money making gangs. – tlfong01 54 secs ago   Edit   

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