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I am working on a project to detect sleeping disorder mainly focusing on “sleep apnea”.Sleep apnoea syndrome (SAS) is a disease consisting in the nocturnal cessation of oronasal airflow at least 10 seconds in duration. My goal is to detect this syndrome and visualize on a mobile application for the patient. Projects done in the past detect snoring to check whether the patient has SAS or not.

In my scenario, i would like to detect the snoring sound and rectify it by sending a buzzer sound to distract the patient during sleep. The issue that i am facing is choosing the right sensors before making any purchase and that’s where i am looking for some guidance.

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You might find the references below helpful.

/ to continue, …


(1) Amazon Foil Resistance Strain Gauge Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Load Cell 350 ohm BF350-3AA (US$9 for pack of 10)

(2) Amazon Hx711 Weight Weighing Load Cell Conversion Module Sensors Ad Module for Arduino Microcontroller

(3) HX711 and 100g Load Cell

(4) How to Read Sound

(5) Digital Weight Sensor – Where to Start

(6) Information Systems Analysis and Design – Wikipedia

(7) Systems Design

(8) System Engineering

(9) Agile Software Development

(10) Waterfall Model

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  • Hi, thank you for your prompt reply. My idea is that when patient starts snoring a buzzer goes off to distract them. The snoring will be calculated in decibels and given range. So which sensors will go with RaspberryPi to detect snoring sound and buzzer and later how can i visualize them on mobile app. I will appreciate your guidance. 🙂 – Abdullah Khalid Mahmood 20 hours ago
  • Ah, you started a board question, narrowing down to very specifics. Your broad question falls in area of Enggr Systems Analysis and Design (see Refs 6 ~10) of my answer. The old Water Fall methodology usually starts with (1) User Requirements, (2) Functional Specifications. The new methodology usually goes Agile, or meddling through. Now you have briefly described your user requirement and functional spec. But they are too brief. Usually you need to write up a project proposal, or set up a GitHub. You might like to visit Cornell U, to see how enggr students do Rpi group projects. – tlfong01 20 hours ago    
  • This RpiSO is a short Q&A thing, not a forum for discussions. For long discussions and project type forums you can visit rpi.org.forum where there are forums for newbies and Sensor & Automation etc. You can my old answers about home automation there. You can search “hx711”, “weight sensor”, “tlfong01” for my scattered answers. – tlfong01 19 hours ago   
  • For example, if you search “buzzer” “sound”, “tlfong01”, you can find the following posts to START your research. You may also like to visit “electronics tutorials” to update your electronics knowledge. (1) raspberrypi.org/forums/… (2) raspberrypi.org/forums/… (3) raspberrypi.org/forums/… – tlfong01 19 hours ago   
  • But of course you can ask short Q&A of Rpi related questions, such as “How can Rpi python with ADC detect and record snoring sound?” Then I can give you answer such as: I would suggest to use the following:(1) DS3231 Real Time Clock, (2) HX711 ADC, (3) xyz weight sensor etc etc,… I can also give you links to my posts sharing experience of using the devices successfully or with failures. Of course you can refer me to other project discussion forums and GitHub etc, and invite me to join in. But I am NOT interested at all in any commercial projects. I only play with open source, … – tlfong01 19 hours ago   
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