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Postby tlfong01 » 2019-Jan-17 Thu 12:21 pm

Will5455 wrote: 

2019-Jan-17 Thu 10:30 am

I’m sorry can you please stop using colors in your text? It makes me dizzy.

Text Colouring

Thank you for your suggestion. My apologies for making you dizzy.

Let me tell you my text colouring story. It is a long story. So I am numbering the paragraphs.

1. I only learnt the alphabets A, B, C when I was 7. (At that time I already knew more than 200 Chinese characters and enjoyed reading children books.) I found it difficult to remember the weird snake like shapes and sequence (perhaps my short memory is much shorter than average, or my little head already got squeezed in too much Chinese stuff), so I could only ‘count’ to K.

Then a traumatic thing happened. My parents wanted me to leave my literacy school and transfer to a school to learn some English so that when I finished primary school I could started working and make a better living because I knew English. (At that time I already worked as a part time plastic toys sweat factory supervisor, overseeing naughty kids one or two years smaller than me.)

Anyway, back to my scary experience. I still vividly remember my feet and hands started trembling when sitting in the primary 3 written entrance exam, and read the question to write down the 26 English alphabets in both big and small shape (A, B, C, … a, b, c, … etc)

I only knew how to write about 10 big alphabets. I tried hard to write A, B, C, to J and then no go. I sadly thought I should have no chance getting into the high class school which is not meant for grassroot kids like me, … :(

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