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How do I communicate between Rpi and PC?

Basically I want to display the output of my raspberry pi on multiple PCs through Ethernet.


I felt jealous that a Esp8266 guy uses Node.RED to build a http IoT DHT22 web server. I am thinking to do something similar, to let my colleagues to install IoT sensors, such as DHT22 and DS18B20 temperature and humidity sensors in my lab, and read sensor data at their office desks, using Gigibit networked desktop PC or smart phone.

My question is: Is it feasible for newbie me to do it?

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    Use any of the hundreds of methods which work on other computers. – Milliways 19 hours ago
  • I will flag this as “to broad”! – MatsK 18 hours ago
  • Welcome to Raspberry Pi 🙂 But your question is too broad. Such questions are flagged and may be closed. This site is made to do one specific question that can be answered detailed but to answer your question we need a complete tutotrial about networking and there are already hundreds of it on the web. Please take the short Tour and visit the Help Center to get an idea how things work here. – Ingo 18 hours ago
  • @Sunny Patankar, You may like to make your question not so board by adding something specific like the following: “I read that Node-RED is most popular among Rpi users to develop simple web site projects. How does a newbie like me start to learn this language? Pointers are appreciated, …” – tlfong01 17 hours ago   
  • Are you looking for something like RDP or RealVNC? – Dougie 16 hours ago
  • @Dougie Unfortunately the edit to the Question makes it even less clear what the OP wants. – Milliways 15 hours ago
  • @Sunny Patankar, your question mentions “Communication” and “Ethernet”. The first term is a bit vague, because it may mean (1) communication between two humans, Windows user and Rpi user, (2) communication between two computers, namely “Data Communication”. Rpi4B has a GigiBit Ethernet connector. So you might refer to CAT5/6 cable wired Ethernet, or wireless WiFi network. And for Ethernet, there are too many confusing terms. I usually suggest to use the terms as generally agreed ones by the gurus, of whom I am a huge fan. I self learned from text books of Stalling & Tennabaum, / to cont – tlfong01 1 hour ago    
  • @Sunny Patankar, Of course I no longer read text books these decades. I only browse and watch, to catch up things including network stuff: (1) Rpi4 Specs & Benchmarks raspberrypi.org/magpi/raspberry-pi-4-specs-benchmarks, (2) Introducing Rpi4 & Interview with a Rpi Engineer youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=-2MKTg-LNio. – tlfong01 1 hour ago    
  • @Sunny Patankar, so I just now watched the Rpi fat/thin hardware/software engineers talking and learned more about Rpi4 Gigibit Ethernet network. The time has come for me the newbie to start building ftp/http/udp/tcp/xyz servers. I googled to check out what is trendy and easy. I found Node.RED is till top of the pops. I googled further and found even the Anono and Esp guys are using node.red to build fancy things, including little servers. Rpi hobbyists are indeed losing face. To catch up, I am thinking to DIY a quick and dirty web server using, of course Node.RED. / to continue, … – tlfong01 41 mins ago   



How to display Rpi output to multiple Win/Linux PCs through Ethernet?


There are 101 ways.


Rpi setups a web server. I recommend to use Node-Red on Rpi server side. Other PC clients http this server. I also recommend to use Node-Red for the clients.

For newbies, I recommend AdaFruit’s Node-Red tutorial (Reference 4 below).

Of course you first need to install a web server in your Rpi. You can have the big guy, Apache http web server, with database, email services etc. Or you can setup a quick and dirty simple html/file server using Node.js, and python for server and client side apps.






/ to continue, …


(1) Node-RED – Wikipedia

(2) Running Node-RED on Raspberry Pi

(3) Node-RED Getting Started

(4) What is Node-Red? – AdaFruit

(5) How to install Node-RED in Raspberry Pi

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