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I was able to connect my Raspberry Pi3 to an ESP32 board by Bluetooth LE, but suddenly since yesterday I can’t do it anymore. I can’t even see the device on the bluetooth list. What could the problem be?

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  • Welcome — but “the problem” could the ESP is broken, the Pi is broken, there is a a weird source of interference, etc. This is not a discussion style site, however, and we require questions with enough objective information to provide a singular meaningful and objective answer. – goldilocks 6 hours ago
  • @yuki182, I have 4 Rpi4B’s and a couple of Esp32 modules on hand. Perhaps I can reproduce your situation and see what is going on. Tell me more about your config/setup so I can catch up. PS – I have about 50+ hobbyist hours of ESP8266-01/12 experience, and 10+ hours of Rpi3 BluZ 5.5 testing experience. – tlfong01 11 mins ago    
  • Let me show you my esp32 list – imgur.com/gallery/avZAWt4. You pick one and I can start setting up. If you have no preference, I would start with D1 Lolin V1. I have tested 5+ types of Esp8266-12 and found WeMos the most newbie friendly. The other reason is that I found less teething problems with NodeMCU LUA and microPython. – tlfong01 3 mins ago    Edit   

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