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SUNFOUNDER Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + 37 Module Sensor Kit V2.0 for RPI 3 B +, 2B, A +, Zero (Raspberry Pi 3B + Included) (MULTIWAY)

SUNFOUNDER Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + 37 Module Sensor Kit V2.0 for RPI 3 B +, 2B, A +, Zero (Raspberry Pi 3B + Included) (MULTIWAY)
€ 39.03

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1st color: SensorV2.0

SensorV2.0 With Pi + English Manual
 In stock


  • Easily Learn to Code – With visual programming language software, this Raspberry Pi starter kit allows you to learn to code faster and easier than ever
  • 35 Projects Included – This sensor kit provides 35 projects with different functions, you can easily do your own creative experiments
  • Get 37 Complete Modules – 37 self-designed sensor modules with each other
  • Pre-burning system – The raspberry pi 3b + and TF card are provided, which pre-burn the raspbian system and visual programming language software-dragit
  • Nice Packaging – All the modules are kept in a nice blue plastic packaging to make sure the kit is easy and neat storage

SunFounder STEM EDUCATION 37 Modules Ultimate Sensor Kit V2.0 For Raspberry Pi

Easily Learn to code
quicker and smarter using the kit’s easy-to-use visual programming language software and Python code.
Get 37 Sensor Modules
The Sensor Kit includes 37 elaborately designed sensor modules. They’re crafted to make that work.
Choose From 35 Projects
There are 35 different projects that you can assemble with the Sensor Kit Who knows what you’ll come up with when you’ve completed them all!
Feel High Quality Packaging
Keep your Sensor Kit in stock, allowing you to see exactly what’s inside.

1x Raspberry pi 3b +
1x TF card
1x Double Color LED
1x Auto Flash LED
1x Relay module
1x Laser Emitter
1x Button
1x Tilt Switch
1x Vibration Switch
1x IR Receiver
1x Active Buzzer
1x Passive Buzzer
1x Reed switch
1x Photo-interrupt
1x ADD / DAConvert-PCF591
1x RainDrop Sensor
1x Joystick PS2
1x Potentiometer
1x Analogue Hall Sensor
1x Hall Switch
1x Analogue Temperature Sensor
1x Thermistor
1x Sound Sensor
1x Photoresistor
1x Flame Sensor
1x Gas Sensor
1x Remote Control
1x Touch Switch
1x HC-SR04
1x Temperature Sensor-DS1B20
1x Rotary Encode
1x Humiture Sensor
1x IR Obstacle
1x 1602 I2C
1x Barometer-BMP20
1x MPU6050
1x RTC-DS1302
1x Tracking Sensor
1x Breadboard
1x GPIO Extension Board
1x 40-pin Ribbon Cable for GPIO Board
2x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
5x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
5x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
5x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
1x Pin ribbon cable
Jumper wires (Male to Male)
1x User Manual with english

 June 21, 2018
Excitement and fun. In the packet is over and learn everything.
Disappointed Vincin a bit of the instructions, because there are no real explanations to the codes, but only how I bring individual sensors or authors to run. Therefore also a star deduction.
Googling a bit then did the rest.
The quality of the individual boards is good and through the practical storage box, everything is always packed neatly.
 December 28, 2018
my friend has been working with raspberry for some time now, building a homesmart for his home. I gave him this set. He says the items are VERY high quality processed (he already has other firstsets at home) and he was very happy about it and tinkering with it diligently.
 May 14, 2019
The sensor kit has a large selection of sensors, so you can get an overview, with which sensor can realize what and what you want to build something complex later.
The instructions are simple and understandable formulated and you can complete the “experiments” even without much prior knowledge.
To note is the extremely good support of this company, should there be a problem or a part of a defect will be helped immediately and it will be sent without hesitation, new parts.
The quality of the sensors is very good compared to what you would expect from other manufacturers. I have not noticed any of my sensors with dirty solder joints or other things that indicate bad workmanship.
 March 10, 2016
A great kit for crafting. Incidentally, the sensors seem to be largely identical to those of the Arduino kit. The manual gives concise explanations and instructions on how to wire the sensors.
 December 18th, 2016
I bought the SunFounder kit and am very satisfied. The book has been translated into German and is also very understandable. In the book is a link with example programs with which you can test the sensors and actuators.
The box is the members, however, is a bit small. On the whole top package.
 March 29, 2016
If one were to acquire all the trinkets individually, the double amount of money would certainly be required … very good packaging, good, printed manual (unfortunately in easy to understand English, did not pay attention when ordering). Each sensor is packed individually, code examples are stored in the network. Would I recommend to any Raspi fan!
 March 23, 2017
I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of the components. Great, what SunFounder has done there … the example programs can also be found on the Internet, not only on the included CD.
Brakel chicken
 November 14, 2015
A treasure trove for hobbyists, to try something fast. Everything is described exactly. The demo programs can be downloaded in the internet.

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