Rp4 bluetooth testing notes

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when i try to pair my rpi Bluetooth with other Bluetooth it pair some time then dis-pairing by itself how to fix this problem. my OS is Raspbian 10 buster and the version of Bluez is 5.50

  • “…with other Bluetooth it pair some time then dis-pairing by itself how to fix this problem.” The sentence is a bit difficult to parse. Could you please rephrase it a little clearly? —> I edited it, as I understood it best. – Duck Dodgers 13 hours ago
  • Hi @bluetooth. Some months ago I tried to pair/connect a couple of Bluetooth devices with my Rpi3B+ and found everything disappointing: difficult/unreliable/intermittent failing to discover/pair/connect the BT devices. I googled and found no useful help around. So I gave up, waiting for Rpi4B to come along. I also bought two more Bluetooth speakers to try. Now the time has come for me to try again. I first tried to pair the two BT speakers with my Samsung smart phone and everything went well, implying both BT speakers are working OK. / to continue, … – tlfong01 1 hour ago   
  • I tried the following with both speakers, (1) Creative, (2) XiaoMi: (a) reboot Rpi4B (important to get repeatable/reliable results), (b) GUI Deskop top right hand corner BT icon to discover/pair the speaker, (c) when paired, click the speaker icon (beside WiFi icon) to check “connection” and adjusting volume, (d) play a mp3 file using VLC media player. I found that I can always pair and “connect” (VLC to connect to speaker) with the Creative BT speaker. But for the XiaoMi BT speaker, I can always “pair”, but never “connect” (speaker icon always red crossed). / to continue, … – tlfong01 1 hour ago   
  • So my conclusion is that Rpi4B BT works reliably with Creative speaker but not XiaoMi or Rapoo. Creative speaker costs twice of the other two, so I think its power is perhaps also twice bigger or sensitive. Anyway, I tried to do more evaluation, I found I could no longer detect nor pair, not to mention connect. I guessed the Rpi4 chips must had been heated up and became crazy. So I waited for 20 minutes or and and also added heat sinks to the chips. Then everything comes back normal again. My second quick and dirty conclusion is that Rpi4B, if heated up, it will get crazy! 😦 – tlfong01 just now   Edit

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