Raspbian stretch 2019apr with desktop and recommended software (1.9 GB zipped, 5.0 GB .img)

If I download the “small” desktop image, which packages would I need to install in order to make it the “full” desktop image with recommended software?


Ah, a couple of years ago, 4GB SD card was “fast”, expensive but most cost effective, so I bought 4GB to install Rpi Debian then, which was 2GB.

But now it is not a good idea even to buy 8GB SD cards, because they are usually very slow, comparing with 16GB cards. So I have upgraded to 16GB which I think it is most cost effective now (2019).

And as Raspbian stretch 2019apr full version image is “only” 5GB, so I guess there is plenty of space for a hobbyist programmer like me. I have been doing Micky Mouse projects for a couple of years, and all the python programs added up to only a couple of hundred MB.

I am using Rpi3B+ and I think there is almost no speed difference if I have biggest or smallest version, if I used a 16GB SD card.

To summarize, I don’t bother to consider which is the best size of SD card. I think 16GB card installing the biggest Raspbian stretch version is best for a hobbyist python programmer like me.

I also listed the packages pre-installed and I am keeping the full list of about 1,300 packages in my diary. From time to time I would browse the list of python packages to see if I miss any goo python packages. I also highlighted my favourite packages in the list to make it easier to search later.

The full list of preinstalled packages in Raspbian stretch version 2019 April.

I also keep a record of my installation, to remind myself what I have installed.

installation record

I also keep a record of the SD card speed/price and serial numbers (in case I need to complain or ask for replacement. You might like to see my 2019 record.

sd card price speed

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