I have done a raspberry pi code transfer a data and receive in my file, but i need use to EEPROM that i have not any experience about this. if possible please help.

Thank you.

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  • EEPROM might not be the best solution; use it only when you absolutely need to. – user96931 10 hours ago
  • @user96931 Yes I very much agree. I was about to say the following: “If the OP is going to use the real time clock module DS3231 which includes a “free” EEPROM inside the module, then using the free EEPROM is a better choice. – tlfong01 4 mins ago   Edit   



I have binary/text data in a text file.

How do I copy the data to an EEPROM?


I would recommend the 24C256 EEPROM module. I once played with a similar through hole chip 25LC256 but the wiring and soldering by hand is quite messy. For newbies, I would recommend the dirt cheap modules.


You can google sample programs. See YouTube in references below. I once wrote one myself in Rpi python and found it tedious, but then learning what is going on inside the little chip is itself a joy.


AliExpress AT24C256 24C256 I2C Interface EEPROM Memory Module 8P Chip Power Supply Indicator Pull Up Resistor Direct Jumper Setting US$2.54/5Pcs

MicroShip I2C-Compatible (2-Wire) Serial EEPROM 256‑Kbit (32,768 x 8) Datasheet

Raspberry Pi I2C Python Initial Testing with I2C-Tools – 3,929 views

Raspberry Pi Read/Write data to EEPROM through I2C – 28,482 views

  • Note that there are pin compatible, drop in FRAM alternatives that are both better and sometimes cheaper. – crasic 5 hours ago
  • @crasic Ah I very much agree with you. One problem is that I am a poor hobbyist who cannot afford new but more expensive things. The WaveShare FRAM module is many times more expensive than AT24xx EEPROM. I think I should point out in my answer that if OP is working in industrial or college R&D rather than newbie Micky Mouse projects, then he should definitely try FRAM first, otherwise his workplace’s reputation would be damaged, and losing face of course, … 🙂 – tlfong01 just now   Edit   Delete

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