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S1216 Family GNSS Module Data Sheet – SkyTraq 2014nov18

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The 6 Best Arduino GPS Modules

We spent 26 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. From building your own drone or autonomous vehicle, to keeping extremely accurate time, to putting together a homemade tracking device, there are numerous purposes for GPS modules compatible with an Arduino board. Those who find the idea of simply purchasing such a piece of technology boring are encouraged to rip apart their old Android phone and use the chip contained therein. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to support our work. Skip to the best arduino gps module on Amazon.

6. SainSmart NEO-6M

The SainSmart NEO-6M is one of several still popular products using the older model NEO unit, a design choice not without its benefits. Chief among these is the variable baud rate, allowing tinkerers control over the speed of data flow as the needs of the project dictate.

5. Hobbypower Ublox NEO-7M

While setups featuring the Neo-6M dominate both e-retailers and this list, the Hobbypower Ublox NEO-7M sports the somewhat lesser-seen next generation chipset. Several improvements make this faster, more accurate, and more energy efficient than the earlier products.

4. DIYmall G28U7FTTL

The aptly named DIYmall G28U7FTTL uses the Ublox UBX-G7020-KT chip, a variant known especially for its low power consumption and respectable sensitivity and accuracy numbers. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a suitable alternative at this price.

3. Gowoops Ublox NEO-6M

The Gowoops Ublox NEO-6M is one of many products on the market to use this particular receiver unit, and it happens to be both one of the most well-received and one of the best-priced. The complementary ceramic antenna is a welcome touch.

2. Readytosky Ublox NEO-M8N

Using the very latest chipset iteration in its series is the Readytosky Ublox NEO-M8N, one of the highest quality units a hobbyist can hook up to their project of choice. If this brand had an engaged community behind it, a la Adafruit, this may have taken the top spot.

1. Adafruit Ultimate Breakout

The Adafruit Ultimate Breakout is number one on this list for a reason—or rather, for every reason. This unit boasts excellent specs, easy assembly, and the support of a stellar community, whose forums regularly see boards containing several thousand posts.


SkyTraq Introduces Fastest Consumer GPS/GNSS Receiver August 22, 2013

GPS With External Antenna TTL & RS232 Interface – INR1,299.0


This GPS receiver utilizes the S1216 Skytraq, It supports NMEA 0183 V3.01 standard, and has integrated interfaces to facilitate the requirements of different communication methods like RS232 and TTL.
This package also includes an 1.5ft external magnetic GPS antenna!


Low power consumption
Powered with DC power supply – 9-12 volts
RF Receiver of Noise Figure is at 2.5 dB
High Sensitivity -161 dBm( indoor)
Seamless Outdoor/Indoor Operation
Support standard NMEA-0183 V 3.01
Software for modifying baud rate is provided for free
Interfaces: interface, DB-9 RS232 serial port, TTL/3.3V serial breakout headers on PCB,


GPS receiver application
Automotive application
Car navigation and tracking
External GPS Devices
Precision time/date keeping

Package Contents:

GPS Demo Board with Rs232 and TTL interface ×1
External magnetic antenna with SMA connector for GPS receiver ×1


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