DC Motor

Motor driver


It is dangerous to run motors directly from the Pi, hence we need a motor shield.

I own an Adafruit arduino motor shield clone: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-motor-shieldenter image description here

Note: I’m aware about how to use motors with python, just want to use the H bridge capabilities of the shield.

Tried and failed referring to:

How to use Arduino Motor Shield with Raspberry Pi?


Most answers refer to pigpio library (C++), that works specifically for 26 Pin Raspberry Pi 2. enter image description here]![enter image description here

Please suggest a solution, compatible with Pi3 (40 GPIO Pins) that can also run servo motor.

  • What is the question? What does the two links shall tell us? – Ingo yesterday
  • Stepping motor, servo, or DC motor? – tlfong01 yesterday   
  • This site doesn’t write code on demand. If you’ve tried something and have a specific question, please edit your post to reflect that, including what you tried and why or how it failed. As written, this question is too broad. – Brick yesterday
  • Sorry for the ambiguous language. Link 2&3: the solution that doesn’t work for me. Link1: Product page of shield, I own. – Abbas Kagdi 13 hours ago
  • @ Abbas Kagdi Your project spec is now almost complete. Now I also know your motor knowledge and skills. I started getting serious playing motor controller only a couple of months ago. Some years back I used Arduino Decimilla (My first Arduino) with L293D (which your Adafruit motor driver uses) etc. I also once messed around with steppers and servos. Now I am into L298N and TB6612FNG. I also would like to refresh my Arduino motor projects to Rpi. Perhaps I can answer your question from my couple of months hobbyist experience. – tlfong01 10 mins ago    
  • I checked that the motor controller you own is very old, pre Rpi days, and no longer supported even by the vendor. I worry that my reputation would be damaged if my fellow hobbyists know that I am still playing with Arduino (and L293D) things. It would be very nice if you can change your topic title to something like “Using Raspberry Pi and modern day controllers to move DC, stepping, and servo motors”. Many thanks. – tlfong011 min ago    Edit   

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