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Smart Door Design Notes


Smart Door Design Notes

A door which switches on a green LED whenever there is light.

My smart cat sees the green light and knows the door is not locked, and therefore pushes the door open, otherwise she won’t bother.

Solenoid Lock DC12V

In case you wish to read more before coming back, I would suggest the following links. GPIOZero is very good for python newbies.

By the way, a solenoid lock is very much like a solenoid which in turn operates like a relay, so you need to start getting to know the relay. And of course you can also google or youtube, but my references are good for newbies and also DIY hobbyists to get started.


Relays Explained – ExplainThatStaff

Relay Switch Circuit – Electronics Tutorials

Electromechanical Relays – All About Circuits

Solenoid Basics – Jeri Ellsworth 2011sep21, 643,847 views

My research on the cheap ZYE1-0837AP.

ZYE1-0837AP Solenoid Characteristics

There is  a need a relay to control a solenoid, because Rpi GPIO is not strong enough to drive a solenoid. So Rpi drive a relay module, which in turn drives a solenoid.

Relay driving a solenoid

I will pause here. Please feel free to ask more questions or make counter suggestions and I am happy to join in.


How To Successfully Respond To A Question – Stephanie Vozza 2016oct28



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