MPU6050 More References

MPU6050 – More References

Now I am collecting more references for programming MPU6050.

MPU6050 Datasheet R3.4 – InvenSense 2013 … V3%204.pdf

MPU-6000/MPU-6050 Register Map and Register Descriptions Document V4.2 – InvenSense 2013 … r-Map1.pdf

Washington University CSE 466 Lab 4: I2C Gyroscope control (Using Teensy) … l4/l4.html

An Efficient Orientation Filter For Inertial and Inertial/Magnetic Sensor Arrays – Sebastian OH Madgwick 2010Apr30 … report.pdf

Open source IMU and AHRS algorithms – x-io tech 2012jul31

MPU6050 Basic Teensy Example with IMU – Beerware by Kris Winer 2014apr10 … 050IMU.ino


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